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Ruby Duvall is a previously published author of romance who is self-publishing for the first time. As a millennial who grew up reading historical, contemporary, and urban-fantasy romance, Ruby writes in a variety of genres. Though she grew up in the Midwest, she now lives with her husband and two children in Seattle. When she's not writing, she reads, plays video games and tabletop RPGs, and runs screaming from spiders.

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Current Releases
She thought her only desire was to serve the empress. Her heart has other plans. Mai has found purpose serving as a house elder in the newly reformed imperial court, and she's determined to help the empress fulfill her destiny to lead an army ...
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Drawn Into Oblivion
Magic has bound her to a demon. But love could set them free. Shumei's small village shuns her for the magic that runs in her family. She and her family scrape by providing herbal cures, but when an epidemic depletes her stores, she is forced ...
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Caught in the Devil's Hand
Eva’s beloved husband Marc had always been secretive about his family and why he left them behind. After he is swept overboard in a terrible accident, bits of his past begin to surface. So do rumors and urban legends about the small island wher...
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The Fisherman's Widow
Freelance tech journalist Lily Foss wears many masks. No one knows the "L. Foss" who reviews the latest Eidolon robotic companions is also "codemonkkey," whose program cost the Eidolon manufacturer a lot of money. No one knows she...
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