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  Slave Training Sharid takes possession of a new slave - a wilful and disobedient girl named Liri who was disrespectful to her previous master. Sharid examines her, and then gives her some well deserved correction with a bamboo sw...
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Slave Training
  Delicate Negotiations News reader Josie makes a mistake and is being sued by four businessmen. In lieu of financial ruin, she agrees to be legally subjected to corporal punishment - a punishment that will be televised to the publ...
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Delicate Negotiations
Good Girl - Bad Girl  Myrtle is uptight, shy and self-conscious. She is very tall and has fluffy mousey hair and wears glasses. She shares a house with her best friend Dudley; he is gay and his name for her is Mattie. Dudley observes how sh...
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Good Girl - Bad Girl
Tammy has admired Luke from afar for a while but she is too shy to approach him. Amanda has no such qualms, although she is shocked when his brother, Jake, spanks her bottom when she doesn't get out of the way. The four meet up that evening an...
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Ride 'Em Cowboy
Camlin is taken captive by King Tor and his brother Arbrec, and languishes in the dungeons until the appearance of Mage Tethin. On the orders of the King, the mage prepares a spell to make Camlin fall in love with King Tor. The plan is for the Kin...
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The Captive
  Grace is excellent at her job, but her life outside work is disorganised as she is scatterbrained and forgetful. One day, she gets a phone message from her new boss Jake, ordering her to his office to settle a few things early on Mo...
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Walking Disaster
Matched Set  Rosie is to marry Lochlan and now the whole of his family have invited themselves for a meal at short notice. Who else can she turn to for help but Jazz, her twin sister. Jazz takes an immediate dislike to Cameron, the elder br...
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Matched Set
sabella Sophia Wincanton has grown up with a wealthy father who doted on her. But he dies abruptly, and in a single day Bella loses everything: her home, her clothes, her beloved piano, and her fiancé. In desperation, she answers an adverti...
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Mail Order Mayhem
Payment Due Maddie is not looking or feeling her best, covered with slime from a broken pond filter. She mistakes her new landlord for a friend of her sister and is embarrassed to be caught unawares emerging from the shower minus a towel when he...
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Payment Due
Cousins Della and Maggie take the forbidden inland road in order to be home in time for the ball celebrating Della's forthcoming nuptials. Inadvertently, they stray onto Lord Declan's land, and he in a thoughtless moment, kidnaps Maggie, m...
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The Wrong Way
Becka is looking forward to a holiday in the sun with her husband Greg and his family. There is just one problem - Melissa - her future sister-in-law will be there with her two annoying kids. Melissa makes Becka feel inadequate and the atmosphere ...
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Summer Holiday
  How to Improve Your Love Life  Beth looks at chapter one of a book which gives advice on how to rekindle a flagging love life. To start the ball rolling, she follows Mark to the golf club and hides in some bushes. The es...
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How to Improve Your Love Life
  This erotic spanking fantasy tells the story of the beautiful Aliera, the King's eldest daughter. From birth she has been destined to be offered to the Goddess, to become High Priestess. Her future is to be decided at the contes...
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For the Love of a Priestess

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