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    Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos was born in Puerto Rico; she grew up in New York City. Now residing in Deltona, Florida. Ruth is a loving wife, grandmother, and great-grandmother;  writing is her love, and  way of reaching people of all ages. Ruth is Psychic and Author of  her Traditional published books her autobiography, “RUTH MINERVA.”  and a childrens book  "Jadyn and Rojo the Red Alligator."


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Jadyn  finds a strange white egg with red spots, and takes it home with her. The egg  hatches, and a small red alligator comes out.  Jadyn names the alligator Rojo  and hides him inside her big doll house in the back yard. ...
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Jadyn and Rojo the Red Alligator
Ruth Minerva is the story of a woman as she makes her life's journey, encounters trials and discovers love and happiness. I tell of the time when Ruth Minerva is still young. Her womanizer father gets hit by a truck and loses his left leg, but...
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