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This is very strange. One day I was a little girl with curly blonde hair who always had her rather short nose buried in a book--and the next day, today actually, I was looking in the mirror at a 69-1/2 year old...who still often has her nose buried in a book. Where did the time go? Who stole my thin body and left me with a pillow from neck to knees? When did my flexible joints disappear? And did the tooth fairy come and make off with half my teeth, leaving me with lots of porcelain instead? As the King of Siam says in the film, "A puzzlement." About the only thing that hasn't changed is my love of words. Well, that and the fact that I'm still under five feet tall.

My family is made up of one husband and two grown kids...or is it two husbands and one kid? I'm getting old and forgetful. They don't understand the writing or the subject but they try. Mostly my writing is the elephant in the corner of the room. But my readers love my elephant. Someday I hope to finish the remaining books, though I may have to live to 180 in order to do it. I wonder if the nursing home will let me have my computer and research books...?

My first  novel was published sixteen years ago and is long out of print. It's been a long wait for the second. The Phoenix is available from Lethe Press. My newest is Counterpoint: Dylan's Story, which was published by Dreamspinner Press July 2010. Music! Love, loss, and love again! A truly romantic story. I have five others in various stages of distress--I mean completion. Actually, I mean drafting, since none of them has ever been completely drafted.

  One of my special loves is short stories. My first idols were Jack London and Edgar Allen Poe, and I'm proud to have several short stories published as E-books by Untreed Reads, as well as having stories in various print anthologies.

Hearing from my readers is one of my favorite things. And though it may take a while, I always answer every message.

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A Note From Ruth Sims

To anyone who wandered here, welcome!  I have both novels and short stories that published as e-books and I love them all. My especial love is historical fiction, and short stories of any era.

I love "snowflakes on mittens and warm apple strudels" or however the song from Sound of Music goes,  but one of my favorite things in the whole world is hearing from my readers. Please write me at  I always answer, though it sometimes takes me a while because I'm old and slow as a tree sloth. In fact, I urge you to write a short note to ANY author who pleases you! It's a very lonely profession because we spend most of our time alone, talking to people who don't really exist. In any other line of work that sort of behavior would get you locked up.

I hope you'll give my books a try, and that you'll enjoy them!
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Current Releases
Ethan is a Doughboy wounded in the battle for Belleau Wood. Davy is a reviled British conscientious objector serving in a military hospital. Two young men drawn to each other in the midst of the horrors of the Great War. Neither has a family, for ...
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The Legend of the Mountain Ash
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At eighteen Dylan Rutledge has one obsession: music. He believes his destiny is to be the greatest composer of the rapidly approaching twentieth century. Only Laurence Northcliff, a young history master at The Venerable Bede School for Young Gentleme...
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Counterpoint: Dylan's Story
A father in thrall to the Burma Girl. Two sisters who suffer a lifetime of  emotional abuse and neglect because of his enslavement to the Burma Girl. Revenge that comes too late to matter. And when it is ended, what is the fate of the Burma Girl...
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Burma Girl
Lawyer H.L. Snodgrass has it all: a successful practice, a beautiful wife and a handsome boyfriend. When he decides to sell off a family heirloom, his cozy life takes a drastic turn for the worst. Now, he and the ghost of his great-great-great grandf...
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The Laywer, the Ghost, and the Cursed Chair
A bullied boy hides brilliance behind an outward appearance of being "unfortunate." He grows into an equally brilliant man who spends years crafting the perfect revenge against his chief tormenter, a revenge that includes colored contact le...
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Mr. Newby's Revenge
Tony Dalby finds himself on the wrong end of his 80s, confined to a nursing home, with his days as a dancer a thing of the past. The appearance of Drew into his life brings a welcome distraction, as well as a bit of mystery as to why Drew constantly ...
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Song on the Sand
“In Ruth Sims' beloved contemporary fairy tale, "Tom or an Improbable Tail," a lonely gay lawyer's cat spends six months of the year in the shape of a hot twink. Of course, our owner happens to be closeted at a very conservative law f...
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TOM: or, An Improbable Tail
THE PHOENIX is an explosive tale of survival, love, and revenge. One man, the actor Kit St. Denys, nearly loses the life-or-death battle against his terrifying past. The other, physician Nick Stuart, is trapped between his God and his love for Kit. T...
Available Now!
The Phoenix

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