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Whore. Slut. Prostitute. The women of The Halo Lodge have been called it all. Sure, some of the women who work there accept money for certain services rendered, but most are survivors. Women who’ve picked themselves back up after lives filled w...
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Halo Lodge (The Halo Lodge 1)
After losing everyone she has ever loved, River embarks on a life of vengeance. War and Race are trying to restore the integrity of Lucifer's Breed MC by setting to right the wrongs done to their Club. Will River be able to let go of her pain ...
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Starting Over (Lucifer's Breed 3)
One feisty blonde plus two badass men is enough to set pages on fire. Add in a snitch, suspicious cops, and family secrets, and you have one hell of a fun ride.  Amy Remis is done trying to catch the eyes of the two men that she’s been ...
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Own It (Burning Bastards MC 4)
Big dog isn’t the kind of man that takes excuses from anyone. You get the answers he wants, or you get problems with the big man. He wants the Oracle, whatever that is.  Future had been betrayed by the Burning Bastards once; she wasn&rs...
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Big Dog (Burning Bastards MC 1)
Jolly has been on the run for quite a while when circumstances cause her to stop and take stock in her life. She finds a job and a friend to lean on, the only drawback—the men who are constantly around. Demon and Knight know trouble when the...
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Nomad's Fall (Burning Bastards MC 2)
Charlie walked away, giving Selma the freedom to follow her dreams, but finds himself paying the price for the decision. When the opportunity arises for him to step back in, he jumps at the chance. His only regret will be if it is not in time. Sel...
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Charlie's Heart (Burning Bastards MC 3)
Amelia Selters works for everything she has in her life and soon finds herself in danger of losing it all when her brother shows up. She blames her misfortune on the president of the local chapter of the MC club, Lucifer’s Breed. Holding them r...
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Sanctuary Within The Breed (Lucifer's Breed MC 1)
John Handy is overflowing with integrity and when trouble finds the woman he considers his—he goes out for blood. He isn’t overly concerned by how many men he has to mow down to find the man responsible. What he is certain of, is the bast...
Available Now!
Integrity Has No Bounds (Lucifer's Breed 2)

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