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S. A. Bolich is a fulltime freelancer with a number of published fantasy stories to her credit as well as many nonfiction articles. She graduated summa cum laude from college with a degree in history, which she confesses was greatly aided by devouring historical fiction of every era and kind through her formative years. Her short fiction has appeared in Beneath Ceaseless Skies, On Spec, Damnation Books, and the anthologies Wolfsongs 2 and Defending the Future IV: No Man's Land, among others. Currently she is working on Windrider, the sequel to Firedancer, as well as an alternate history series using an unexplored explanation of what really happened in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692.

Born and raised in Washington State, she returned after many years traveling the U.S. and the world. As a regular Army military intelligence officer, she saw a great deal of Germany from the front seat of a jeep, back when the Iron Curtain still defined "East" and "West". Her favorite places remain, however, the high-up meadows of the Cascade Mountains where she has often traveled by horse. Over the years she has been a teacher, a project manager, a riding instructor, and a good many other things, but always a writer. Much of her work is informed by the jaw-dropping details of real history (you really can't make that stuff up), bent in any number of creative ways, and a boundless love for the wild places of the world.

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Current Releases
Jetta ak'Kal was the most talented Firedancer of her generation, destined for the elite Circle of the Fire Clans--until the Ancient, the elemental fire that Dancers have battled since the Beginning of all things, broke free from its prison at ...
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With a clap of thunder from above, the Aerospace fighters tear through the sky, while below, our women warriors cross the hell of No Man's Land, to close with the enemy; in fourteen all-new military science fiction stories; with an introductio...
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No Man's Land
Old Scraggy the hangman made a deal with a witch to make sure he would never hang an innocent. His magic rope is never wrong. This latest sinner looks like the wickedest of them all—until Scraggy learns his name. ...
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Who Mourns for the Hangman?

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