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The ocean isn’t ready to let go of him yet. Erik Hash, owner of a shark diving company in South Africa, loses everything in one night—his business, his partner, and his desire to live. The victim of a violent hate crime, he leaves Sout...
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An Immoveable Solitude
Book Two in the The Borders War series. A relationship is the least of Merq and Armise’s concerns… With one bullet Merq Grayson set the wealthiest citizens of the world on a collision course with the poorest—with those f...
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Dominant Predator
Book One in the The Borders War series. Face to face, and rifle to rifle. The time and location change, but never the circumstance. Merq Grayson and Armise Darcan are enemies. And neither will be considered successful until the other is dead. ...
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One Breath, One Bullet

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