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Jamie has a good feeling when he meets and falls in love with Connor, an Army captain destined for Afghanistan. Will that good feeling survive Connor's deployment? Jamie never expects to meet the love of his life in a tea shop. He never expect...
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A Good Feeling
Book one in The Endersley Papers series Will the passion ignited during a violent uprising survive the rigid confines of Victorian society? Jacob Endersley is glad to escape the confines of his family home for the exotic and dangerous bea...
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Lord of Endersley
  Keiran cooks up a storm for the village Diamond Jubilee celebrations, but he’s not ready for the turbulence caused by the new 'lord of the manor'. Kieran Lawson really wasn’t all that crazy about being co-opted o...
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Biscuits and Bunting
  When Ade loses his best friend he soon learns that mourning Jack brings not only sorrow but happiness too. Restaurant chef Ade is a man of his word. When his best friend is killed while serving in Afghanistan, he honours a promise t...
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Mourning Jack
The horror of Evan and Colin's stolen summer may be over but the nightmares remain. Can their love survive the fallout? The last thing journalist Evan Harrison expects to hear, when he returns from covering the war in Afghanistan, is that ...
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Stolen Summer

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