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I loved books ever since I was able to read them on my own, at times creating a movie within my mind. From the age of seven I would go to my closet with a flashlight and read for no reason at all, it was just my magical place. As the years progressed I would find myself reading the encyclopedias and dictionaries, and on occasion my older sister’s history books. Later I would fall in love with political and technological thrillers and then of course the legal suspense books. My latest fascination is with science fiction books and the world that they create inspired me to create my own environment for a story.

That brings me to now. Serving in the military in an active and reservist capacity for almost twelve years and as a contractor for 10, I find myself unemployed so far for 3 years. During this time, I homeschooled my daughter successfully and pursued yet an additional degree (Masters) to go with the two bachelors that I have accumulated. When you begin to see that such achievements don’t translate to employment I finally decided to seriously attempt to write a book.

This is perhaps the 50th to 60th attempt at writing a book. It makes me somewhat proud of this accomplishment and I am very happy with the environment that I created for these stories to take place. What I do try to accomplish is to tell a story from different angles that converge or meet each other at one point or another. I noticed that straight forward story telling can get rather old so instead I try to write several short stories that combine to give an overall satisfying story. Time and reviews will tell if this approach works.

I hope you enjoy my book and yes there will be others as I am addicted to this story and the characters that I created.

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