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S D Rasheed

S.D Rasheed is a 32 year old aspiring author. Her favorite genres are science fiction, fantasy and paranormal. Her first published work, a sci fi novella called Linaje, currently has a 4/5 rating at Amazon.

Her next project, I'm HUMANOID,  is scheduled to go onsale next month.

Current Releases
If you happen upon a man with blue hair, chances are he's not a man at all; he's a Pandora. A member of an all male race that prey on both humans and demons for their souls. These mysterious beings have walked amongst us for longer than an...
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Blue Haired Men The Complete Edition ( Books 1-3 )
  The story of Linaje follows four young survivors who had narrowly escaped Planet Earth's destruction. A plasma cloud of mysterious origins has engulfed the planet and the Milky Way in a matter of minutes. With the silent wave o...
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A Peek Into the Life of S D Rasheed

My lovely kitty Sox.

My lovely kitty Sox.

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