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Book Three in the Calling the Shots series. Isaac prefers to keep the D/s part of his relationship with Tom strictly private. One day, however, he reads about a non-commercial BDSM club with a playroom for hire… Committed couple Isa...
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Becoming Sir
Book two in the Calling the Shots Series New to BDSM, Dominant Isaac learns how to bring his sub Tom to new heights during a weekend of pain and pleasure. Now he’s admitted to his lover, Tom—and more importantly, to himself&md...
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The Right Direction
Book one in the Calling the Shots Series Sometimes the question being asked, might not be the one that actually needs to be answered. When twenty-two year old Tom asks his older, conservative lover Isaac for an afternoon of kinky sex, tha...
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Facing The Truth
Even a happy single thirty-something, living mainly through his intellect, has certain needs. They’re met by an open-minded, adventurous young gay couple more than willing to invite him to their bed. Can a single man in his thirties be t...
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