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SE can't remember a time when she didn't have a book in her hand. Now she writes stories where her favorite words are ...'what if' and 'where'? She lives in urban/rural Australia and writes in the romance genres of futuristic/sci-fi, fantasy, pre-medieval and post-apocalyptic.

SE is published by Momentum Moonlight and Escape Publishing and is an indie author.

Current works in progress are: next book in the Darkon Warriors series, a futuristic / post-apocalyptic series, an Australia contemporary rural romance and a NA novel.

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Current Releases

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Awakening the Warriors

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The Portal

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Legend Beyond the Stars
She is searching for the mortal mother who bore than abondoned her. He is searching for the pixie king who murdered his mother. She hopes to bring peace between their two races. He knows of no other road but the battlefields. Brought together by v...
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Bound by Love
When a newly forged alliance sees her older sister pledged to the man Leila has fallen in love with, she flees her tribe in the wastelands and seeks anomynity in the Fortress. Years later she learns her sister has refused to honour the agreement. ...
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Paying the Forfeit

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