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S. H Roddey

Before she could read, Susan liked to make up stories.  To hear her mother talk, those little squiggles all over every scrap of paper in the house were real words, and she could tell anyone who asked exactly what they said.  She has always lived in another dimension, far apart from the real world and the boredom it holds.

From a very early age she found herself drawn into dark worlds filled with mystery and intrigue.  By age ten she was reading every horror novel she could steal from her brothers, and in high school she was rarely the life of the party with her terrifying tales that left her peers sleeping with the lights on for weeks at a time.

And not much has changed since then.  She is still a voracious reader and recovering grammar junkie.  Left to her own devices, she plots interesting ways to seduce, frighten, and destroy. 

She writes other things under other names, but those names choose to keep themselves anonymous for fear that bad things might befall them.

Current Releases
“The Devil is a busy man.” Lydia St. Clair was seventeen when she made her first deal with The Devil. Now twenty-one years old and a professional bounty hunter, Lydia possesses a unique set of skills that make her valuable to L...
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Devil's Daughter
When Bobby Gaston walks into a diner and orders a beer with his breakfast, he can't quite remember why he needs the fortification. While he wants to remember, he's pretty sure he doesn't want to know what happened. He strikes up a conv...
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