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Usually I write nonfiction, but I have written these little spanking books under the pen name of S.M. Sandalwood because I believe that spankings can be fun and gentle and erotic, as well as hard and punishing.  

I always wanted to find spanking books to read that had husbands or lovers in them who spanked out of love and concern and desire, rather than out of anger and an effort to establish themselves as boss.  

I had trouble finding them, and so decided to write some myself.  I'd love to hear any comments or feedback from readers.

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Current Releases
Heather is gorgeous, smart, has a well-paying job, and wants to get married. But guys never call her back after one or two dates. What is wrong?  Jake, her charming, but seemingly unemployed, next-door neighbor agrees to help her but only on ...
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Coaching Heather (Coral Valley Spanking Series Book 8)
This books contains the fourth and fifth novellas of the Coral Valley Spanking Series: Saving Diane and New Recipes for Elena. Both have been previously published as independent books.  Diane and Elena learn, over their husband's laps, th...
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Domestic Discipline Spankings Vol. 2
This book contains the first three novellas of the Coral Valley Spanking Series: Taking Care of Amy, Loving Bridget, and DD for Callie. All have been previously published as independent books.  Have you ever wondered what a hairbrush feels li...
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Domestic Discipline Spankings Vol. 1
Gina was a high school English teacher who couldn't keep up with all of the essays she had to grade. Sam was a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan who was tired of fighting. Jed Scothead was a vice-principal who though teachers were fair game for his...
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Watching Over Gina (Coral Valley Spanking Series Book 7)
Franny was a plump, homely woman who had never been on a date. Todd was rich, handsome, and successful. Yet Todd found himself wanting to see more of Franny. Can Todd persuade Franny that a relationship can work?  The Coral Valley Spanking Se...
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Wooing Francesca (Coral Valley Spanking Series Book 6)
Although adult spanking was common in the 1940’s, it didn’t show up much in literature. This collection of stories is meant to remedy that omission. Each story is about six to seven thousand words, and deals with how spanking fits into so...
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Till Then: Spanking Stories of the 1940's
What's wrong with insisting that everyone only eat the most healthy food? Elena had been brought up to believe that she had the right, and duty, to direct everyone else's food choices. Her husband, Luke, didn't agree, and became tired of ...
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New Recipes for Elena (Coral Valley Spanking Series Book 5)
Diane isn't just neat; her house contains not the merest hint of anything pretty or enjoyable. Her husband, Jason, understands that Diane is terrified of any kind of disorder because her mother is a hoarder. Can Jason help Diane overcome her fear...
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Saving Diane (Coral Valley Spanking Series Book 4)
All Callie wanted to do was write a book on domestic discipline so she could get tenure. But her department chairman thought she should experience it first. And her husband agreed! Read how Callie finds out what domestic discipline really means. And ...
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DD for Callie (Book 3 of the Coral Valley Spanking Series)
Joe adored his young wife but she was so reckless. She did crazy, impetuous things without thinking of the consequences. After seven years of marriage, when Joe realized that simply talking with her and lecturing her was having no effect, Amy showed ...
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Taking Care of Amy (Book 1 of the Coral Valley Spanking Series)
Duncan fell in love with Bridget when they were in the second grade. But the pretty little girl grew up to be angry and sullen--not liking herself or anyone else. Could Duncan bring back the sweet little girl he had fallen in love with? The Coral ...
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Loving Bridget (Book 2 of the Coral Valley Spanking Series)

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