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Saan As-Silm Orion

I reside in Brisbane, Queensland Australia where I work as an administration officer and live with  my two cats, three dogs and three birds. I am currently working on my third book.

I first started writing in January of 2009, after my father, Hannah Orion, author of Secular Truthfulness, had his book accepted for publishing. My father has been my motivation for writing, and I have been inspired by popular authors, Stephanie Meyer and Anne Rice.  As much as I like reading the current “format” for vampire stories (blood sucking, immortal, cold and pale) I thought what if vampires did exist…how would they have evolved. Hence, Tribal Instincts: Dark Blood.

Dark Blood, is set 100,000 years ago in  eastern Africa, and focuses on a settlement of Homo sapiens isolated from the rest of the world. It follows the journey of a single family, banished from their tribe and settlement for their abhorrent behavior, as they travel from their homeland to explore the land north of their homeland.

My second book, Xani Child of the Sun, was inspired by a past life reading – I was an ancient Incan Healer at some point. With the coming of the year 2012 and the ancient Mayan prophecy that the world would end by a great flood on December 21, 2012, I thought it would be nice to write a novel based on my ‘past life’ and influenced by the prphecy – Hence Xani Child of the Sun. I really enjoyed writing this novel and had it completed while I was still working on the sequel to Tribal Instincts: Dark Blood. 

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It is foretold in the ancient Mayan manuscript, known as the Dresden Codex, that on December 21, 2012, a great flood will destroy the Earth. Xani, a 31-year-old physiotherapist in Sydney Australia, persuaded to go a psychic expo with her best ...
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Xani Child of the Sun
A solar flare envelopes the Valley, passing through the settlement and changing its people forever. Raj, the quiet, fearless leader, and his family live separately from their tribe beside a tall cliff face. Over the coming New Moons, Raj and his f...
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Tribal Instincts: Dark Blood

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