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The wolf inside of Ben has an insatiable appetite for Sarah, and she’s just as hungry as he is… Sarah likes what Ben Guthrie does to her on the nights he stops his stagecoach at her inn.  She looks forward to his dominance, t...
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Patricia Weaver has always loved Jack Avery, but when she finds out he’s a soul-collecting demon, everything changes. Drawn to him despite the darkness that surrounds who and what he is, Patricia finds herself swept away by his sexual heat but ...
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A Demon's Kiss
When Danielle Whitmore enters a mail-order bride arrangement with a wealthy widower, it’s all business until his family unexpectedly shows up and they must feign being in love. Their façade reveals Alistir Driscol’s particu...
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Charlotte's Brides: Danielle
Scottish border lord Robert Shelley doesn't believe that the blind woman has the gift of knowing, and quickly learns that his suspicions are correct, but what he doesn't expect is the searing lust she ignites inside him. Katie Stewart has been sw...
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Her Laird, Her Lover: Scattered, Book 1
Book two in the Heart of the Wolf Series The wolf inside Michael longs to protect his family, but will his longing for Elle be stronger? Four brothers in London, England, prove family does come first when they try to conquer their enemy ...
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His to Have
 He is her only hope for escape, but will his need for revenge be greater than his need for her? When Viktor Kelemen’s father is killed, he and his small band of wolf-shifting men devise a plan to use Jolan Lovasz as the way to get...
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The Warrior's Heart
Blurb (as seen on website): Vivian just knows that she is being sent to be the new bride of a man as detestable as the town he lives in. She doesn't expect Corde Ashley or the wickedness she discovers in him or herself. Corde thinks he's sendin...
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Charlotte's Brides: Vivian
Lord Sheridan is left for dead on the battlefield; his men have all perished and he remains, wounded and unable to seek refuge. He glimpses what can only be an angel sent to bring him to heaven, although he knows he is destined for hell. Marial s...
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Healing the Beast
Abandoned by her father and family, Cait must fend for herself amongst the savages that overtook her home; her land. Thrust into a marriage she detests, she must risk escape or face her husband, the leader of the Viking horde. However, not all is...
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Passion of the Wolf

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