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When disaster put their friend Gregg out of his condo, Martina and Jim agreed to let him stay with them a while. Martina was dreading the disruption to her home life until Gregg showed up—and was much hotter than she remembered! His skillful co...
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It Started With a Roux
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Kerri’s world is rocked by sheer chance when she crosses paths with Sammy and Ann-Marie, a couple with whom she had been romantically involved a decade before and many miles away. Their threesome had been broken up by violence and jealousy, but...
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Mardi Gras Reunion (Crescent City Seductions #1)
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Grace seeks union with the divine—carnal union. Denied consummation of this desire, she finds ways to serve—and service—God’s servants on Earth. Her path leads her to young, gorgeous Reverend Jason, who has no idea what forbid...
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Grace of God: A Tale of Divine Lust
Lauren wanted to join her lover Rick in the shower—only to find him there with his roommate, Danny! She gets to know Danny and finds herself drawn to him in heart, mind, and body. But as they embark on a relationship, they find they still long ...
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It's Kissing Time
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