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Her Royal Hotness, Sabrina York, is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of hot, humorous stories for smart and sexy readers. Her titles range from sweet & snarky to scorching romance.  Connect with her on twitter @sabrina_york, on Facebook or on Pintrest. Check out Sabrina’s books and read an excerpt on Amazon or wherever e-books are sold. Visit her webpage at to check out her books, excerpts and contests. Free Teaser Book: Get updates and alerts from Sabrina here: HotSheet Sign Up:


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January 2016 News from Sabrina York



Scorching Historical Romp

Ohh! Did you read Tarnished Honor in the Incomparables and LOVE it? I just solo-published the story and would love for you to post a review!

If you haven’t read the story, here is a taste:

Tarnished Honor by Sabrina York

He was convinced the battle of Waterloo made him half a man...until he met her 

Daniel Sinclair is a broken man with wounds that are physical and spiritual. He’s weighed down by grief and guilt that he could not save his friend, Graeme Lennox, and is convinced that a French lance left him less than a man. He has no prospects. Nothing left but his tarnished honor. But then he meets a vexing boy who makes him question even that. 

Fia Lennox’s world turned on its end with her brother’s death. She’s gone in one fell swoop from lady to servant…to a woman on the run. The world is a dangerous place for a woman alone—even when she’s masquerading as a boy—so when she meets up with a strong, valiant ex-cavalryman, she decides to become his traveling companion. Whether he likes it or not. 

Historical/Regency/Scottish/Waterloo Romance




Herding Cat By Sabrina York

The scorching sequel to Guard Dog

A Hot SEALs/Stone Hard SEALs Crossover Novella

It’s insane to want him, this beautiful, strong, sexy man. Not just because her hot bodyguard is tasked with herding her safely through the exotic night markets of Hong Kong. And not just because she’s his boss. But because they are worlds apart. What they have can only be a fling. It can’t last forever.  

But Garrett has other ideas.

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One night, one tryst can change everything...

Seven Sensuous stories by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Sabrina York, with bestselling and award-winning authors Maggi Andersen, Lynne Conolly, Eliza Lloyd, Suzi Love, Hildie McQueen, and Victoria Vane. Enter a world of passion and mystery where dashing heroes and dauntless heroines come together in a scorching conflagration that will will tip your world on its end. 

Featuring Victoria Vane, Lynne Connolly, Eliza Lloyd, Suzi Love, Maggi Andersen  and Hildie McQueen and Sabrina York!

My story is Luscious!


When Deveny Hargrove rescues a waif in a rainstorm in the middle of nowhere, he has no idea that she represents his long-awaited chance at vengeance. When she offers him her virginity—in an attempt to escape an unwanted society marriage—he has to agree. To his surprise, very little of his motivation stems from punishing her brother.

The fact is, Matilda Paddington represents his chance at revenge, or redemption…but his choice could destroy them both.




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Scorching Cowboys!

The Cowboy Justice 12-Pack releases on 4/5/16 and is now up for pre-order on ALL OUTLETS for only .99 during pre-order. The set includes TWELVE COWBOY LAWMEN who are so hot it should be criminal by me and eleven of my fabulous friends Delilah DevlinCynthia D'AlbaBeth WilliamsonSusan StokerBecky McGrawSable HunterDonna Michaels, Lexi PostSabrina YorkRandi Alexander and Lindsay McKenna

My story continues the adventues on the Stud Ranch! If you loved The Real McCoy and Come Hell or High Water, you won’t want to miss Protect and Serve!

Protect and Serve by Sabrina York

The last thing officer Charlie Dunham expects when he returns to his hometown is to tangle with his high school crush, Claire Silver, right off the bat. He’d planned to ignore her entirely—the way she’d always ignored him. But when a mysterious threat puts her in danger, he must step in and save her. It doesn’t take long for him to realize that he’s been lying to himself about his feelings for Claire. He wants her…no matter the cost. 


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Tarnished Honor By Sabrina York Daniel Sinclair is a broken man with wounds that are physical and spiritual. He’s weighed down by grief and guilt that he could not save his friend, Graeme Lennox, and is convinced that a French lanc...
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Tarnished Honor
Fun and flirty contemporary romance featuring a hunky, stubborn military hero with a MAN CODE that is written in stone, and the woman who aims to bring him to his knees!  Here's the blurb!  Dane Coulter is mourning the loss of his b...
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LAIRD OF HER HEART  Book 1 in the Dundragon Time Travel Trilogy  By Sabrina York  When Maggie Spencer is mysteriously transported to the Scotland of her ancestors, she is stunned to come face to face with him. Dominic Dundragon, t...
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Laird of her Heart
Pool Man by Sabrina York  Paige Barber needs a vacation. She can’t resist her best friend’s offer of a remote vacation home on a private Caribbean island. Jimmy, the sexy pool boy, is part and parcel with the offer. But recently d...
Available Now!
Pool Man
Tune in for a scorching action adventure romantic romp as two stone hard SEALs launch a hostage rescue! Little do they know, they might be saving the women of their dreams...  STONE HARD SEALS  A Duet of Steamy SEAL romance by NYT and U...
Available Now!
Stone Hard Seals
The last thing Wade Masters wants on his month-long getaway to his sister’s wilderness cabin is company.  A wounded warrior, Wade is looking for complete isolation to deal with the tragedy of his life and his screaming guilt. But compan...
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Snow Angels (Calendar Men series - Mrl December)
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Parker’s Passion—Book 6 in the Tryst Island Series Scarred by a long-ago crime of passion, Parker Rieth has dedicated himself to a cold, emotionless existence as a divorce lawyer. He is utterly unprepared for the effect Kaitlin Stringe...
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Parker's Passion
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Noble Passions, Book Four Kidnapped and held prisoner by a menacing Scottish brigand, Violet does her best to persevere and resist his rakish charms. When she realizes the brigand is really Ewan, the boy who once saved her life, who once kissed he...
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DEVLIN’S DARE—Book 5 in the Tryst Island Series A No-Strings Fling Becomes Something For Which He Will Risk All Devlin Fox has always been a player. A horny bee flitting from flower to flower. He has no idea why the sexy minx he meets...
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Devlin's Dare
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Heart of Ash When Emily Donahue sets eyes on Ash Bristol, she is convinced he’s the one she’d been waiting for, her Prince Charming. But wealthy playboy Ash Bristol’ has been burned. He’s sworn off relationships, vowing to ...
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Heart of Ash
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The last thing Katie expects—when she meets her friend Joy for a girls’ weekend in Vegas to celebrate her divorce—is an ambush. But Joy, determined to get Katie “back on the horse,” has submitted her profile with Mada...
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Fierce (1Night Stand series)
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Bella Cross has had a thing for Holt Lamm since college, but his scorching dominant energy scares her to death. And his list of conquests annoys her. But when Holt catches her smoking, and offers her something else to fixate on—if only for a ni...
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Smoking Holt
Dylan Deveney has no interest in a wild fling. He simply wants a quiet place where he can try to forget a painful past and, barring that, drink himself to death. But when he catches a glimpse of his exquisite neighbor—in the buff—his pass...
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Dragonfly Kisses
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  Rebound by Sabrina York A Tryst Island Erotic Romance Kristi Cross has had the hots for her friend, Cameron Jackson as long as she can remember, but she knows she’s not his type. She’s nothing like the women he dates...
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Blind dates are hell. At least that’s what Justin thinks before he’s set up with Jessica, a sizzling-hot schoolteacher who captures his heart—or at least his lust—at first sight. He can’t let their date fail so he doe...
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Man Hungry
The sizzling prequel toFolly When Lady Helena Simpson flees an unwanted marriage to a revolting lord, she finds refuge with James, a charming, handsome man unlike any she’s ever known. Helena concocts the perfect solution to her problem....
Available Now!
Dark Fancy
Bella adores her sweet, patient and gentle husband Tae. She would do anything to keep him happy—even pretend to be something she’s not. She acts as if she’s content with their vanilla marriage but she yearns for something more. S...
Available Now!
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Book 4 in the Urban Seductions series. Angelina “Flame” Harling has burned for months to be with Blade. Part of a new elite crew made up of the magical Enforcers and the human police, Flame has to dig deeper and trust her new partn...
Available Now!
Extreme Couponing
When Jared spots his sister’s very vanilla assistant in a BDSM club, he can hardly believe it. He’s lusted after Tess for years but didn’t think she could handle his darker needs. Like his predilection for cuffs. And whips. And s...
Available Now!
Training Tess
Widowed and threatened with penury by her heartless in-laws, Eleanor—Lady Ulster—hatches a plot to save herself. Determined to produce the Ulster “heir”, she seduces a stranger at a tawdry masquerade. Little does she know, ...
Available Now!
Every single day, he’s there. Waiting. Watching her. Closed in with her for a hundred stories as they ride the elevator to their floor. And every single day, for a hundred floors, Samantha simmers with banked lust. She wants him—her my...
Available Now!
Pushing Her Buttons
  Chaos erupts for members of a scientific expedition on a remote island when Sage, the team’s botanist, is impregnated with the spores of an alien plant form. She’s always been the crew’s “ice princess” but ...
Available Now!
Rising Green
The red-hot sequel to Adam’s Obsession.   Tristan Trillo has one steadfast rule—thou shalt not fish in the company pond. That puts his executive assistant Shannon Weiss firmly out of reach. He tells himself the secret stea...
Available Now!
Tristan's Temptation
Hopelessly shy and utterly repressed, Katherine Hart slakes her taboo desires online, where the anonymity allows her to indulge without embarrassment. Her virtual lover, Savage, is willing to meet her every need, especially once he discovers her n...
Available Now!
Adam’s Obsession

A Peek Into the Life of Sabrina York

Inspiration for the Tryst Island Series

Inspiration for the Tryst Island Series
Sabrina, on the Eye during a recent "research" trip to London

Sabrina, on the Eye during a recent "research" trip to London

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