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It's such an invigorating journey staring at a blank page and with a few words bringing that page to life. My thoughts become that of my characters and they soon rule my world. My entire being is consumed within the story that is unfolding. As a published author my only wish is to make the reader laugh, cry, become angry or cringe with fear. Keep reading because Sage Sinclair just might surprise you.

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Somewhere in each persons mind is a small crevice that wants to be free. Open a book and release the fantasies you have hidden away. Begin a journey to a place filled with magic. Start a relationship with someone you are attracted to, even if it may be a vampire. There are many paths to walk when reading. Turn the pages and let yourself get lost in a world of the unknown.

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Touching the soul has been said to be impossible. Is it energy from the body or an unseen spirit that is made up of its hosts life experiences? When an individual dies the soul detaches itself from the body to enter into a pristine realm of being. Th...
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The Asylum
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Black Bed Sheet Books is proud to present an anthology of over 30 diverse authors with tales and poems to inspire, thrill and terrify! Blessings from the Darkness is an eclectic collection of horror, sci-fi, fantasy, heartfelt prose, and everythin...
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Blessings from the Darkness-Anthology

A Peek Into the Life of Sage Sinclair

Just me

Just me
My first book signing

My first book signing
My newest grandbaby

My newest grandbaby
My husband and I

My husband and I

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