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I'm a writer of erotic fiction, blessed to be doing what I love. I get to spend my days lost in my latest adventure, whether it be in the past, the present or the future. There are no boundaries to my imagination and taking a pair of lovers off on another hotly passionate trip to ecstasy is a constant delight.

It's easy to see that I adore what I do - I have quite a few titles available in both eBook and print formats from various publishers.  Recently, I've gone "lone wolf" and opened my own publishing company for my new books.

SK Private Label Publications is up and running  and I'm about to release the third book in a series of contemporary steamy romances based in and around Renaissance Faires. These three novellas join another three set in a Boston Steampunk scene.

Yes, I'm having a lot of fun being independent at last! Who knows what will come next? It's wonderful having the freedom to make that decision myself. I try to keep my website updated, so you can always check there for information. I do encourage you to subscribe to my newsletter as well. Any contests I host will appear there first. And who doesn't like to win stuff?   Subscribe at . It's pretty. You'll like it.  LOL

Whether you're a fan of historicals, contemporaries or paranormals, or whether you're looking for something a little different, I like to think you'll find something appealing with my name on the cover.  
 Happy reading!!!

A Note From Sahara Kelly

Just a thank you. A thank you to the people who spend their hard earned money on something I've written. That - in and of itself - is the biggest accolade a writer can received, IMHO.

A thank you to those who take time to write me - I do my best to write back to each and every one.

A thank you to those who read my books and then write reviews - almost all of you are volunteers working simply for love of the written word. My gratitude knows no bounds. To be reviewed is an honor, not a right. Again, IMHO.

And a thank you to those who have befriended me, stood beside me and held my hand. Those who have understood my painful shyness and my tendency to hide behind potted plants whenever possible. I love you all.


Current Releases

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The world of eighteenth century Transylvania is kind to vampires. (Or Immortals as they prefer to be called.) Food is plentiful, women are willing, and it's all fun and frolic if you're a neck-biting, blood-sucking dynamo in bed. Dragomir Ale...
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Sucks to Be You

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Available Now!
So Into You
Old Louisiana and mansions - they go together like latte and beignets on the banks of the Mississippi. For Louis Beekman, his inheritance is a challenge and a delight, since Love Alley is a prime example of early architecture and he plans to resto...
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Whispers in the Dark
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She sometimes feels as regimented as the clocks she collects! Marielle Todd has a good life, but there's definitely something missing. She's a regular at the Sunday meetings of the Steampunk Society, enjoying the lectures and the teas. So ...
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Winding Her Up
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She's a long-legged blonde who loves people and dancing and needs a part time job. What could be better than joining the staff of Boston's hottest private club - Goggles and Cogs. In her Steampunk outfit, Cora Standish taps her way through...
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Stripping Her Gears
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It's a party - a Steampunk party - and Olivia's going with her friend Cora. Not that she knows anything about Steampunk, but it's a chance to dress up and do something different, while getting an inside look at a home in Boston's m...
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Letting Off Steam
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Co-Written by S.L. Carpenter and Sahara Kelly You know their names - six Princesses who featured in some of the most beloved fairy tales, found their Princes and toddled off into their Happily Ever Afters.  Or did they? Now and ag...
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Princesses Gone Wild
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He isn?t made of brass?but that won?t stop him from steaming up her nights. Flouting convention and raising eyebrows from aristocratic drawing rooms to Whitehall, Lady Minnie Dalrymple takes men to her bed as she pleases. She doesn?t do favors...
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Miss Minnie and the Brass Pluggit
S L Carpenter , Sahara Kelly Toni is out of a job, out of options and out of money. Desperate, she grabs at an unusual offer — work on a movie set. Thank God she's got a great body, because it's an adult movie and Toni's gonna have to get very...
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Coming Attractions
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