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I was born in California and have a Ph.D. in English from UCLA.  After 23 years as professor of English at Fort Hays (KS) State University, I burned out, left teaching, and worked for a newspaper, then an advertising agency, then a public relations firm.  By that time I was an expert on career change, so I spent 15 years in career management.  I retired in Thailand in 2003, then returned to the US in 2009.

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Current Releases
     At the end of Mark Twain's Adventures of Huckleberry Finn its impish hero says that he is fed up with "sivilization" and he is oing to "light out for the territory."  In this sequel he sets out...
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Huckleberry Finn Grows Up

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Adolf Hitler in Oz
Robin Hood and other foresters turn to outlawry after losing their positions.  Their employer, the Earl of Lancaster, has attempted to overthrow King Edward II, and the king has seized Lancaster's forests, fired the foresters, and set a p...
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The Robin Hood Chronicles
The novel is based on the frontier folk ballad of the same name.  It's 1849.  Betsy is 18, a minister's daughter, and pregnant.  To escape the shame, she and her lover, Ike, jolin a wagon train headed for the California mini...
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Sweet Betsy from Pike

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