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Sam Schooler was born on a Saturday in Cincinnati, Ohio, raised by a geek, and was recently released into the wild. A university student, a journalist, and a Tumblr addict, she is most comfortable at night, basking in the healthy glow of a laptop screen. She loves queer romance in all its forms, and has found a home in writing both contemporary and speculative New Adult stories with a focus on queer characters, trans* characters, mixed-orientation couples (or threesomes, or foursomes…), and badass ladies. She can often be found crying over TV shows and comic books, and she is known to passionately campaign for the preservation of the Oxford comma. She has associative prosopagnosia. Jeremy Renner played her in a movie once.

Keep up with her (often fannish) blogging at Or, if you’re feeling daring, follow her on Twitter as @samschoolering to get the full immersive experience.

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  Ben Halloway: human, detective, so done with this serial killer vampire shit. Felix Whit: vampire, criminal psychologist, way too attractive. Ben's life is just fantastic. This story is also available in the Masks Off ...
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