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I'm a writer. I write primarily Fantasy, and I write a lot of it. There's an argument among Fantasy writers, and readers too, as to whether the rule "Write what you know" applies. I'm firmly of the "Write what you know" school; in my humble opinion, there is a much to be "known" about Fantasy as there is any other genre. My stories feature a lot of sword-fighting, camping and horse-riding, all of which I do indeed know enough about to write on.

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Fleeing an arranged marriage, the young prince of Silveneir, Montesinos DeSilva, leaves a life of luxury for exile in neighbouring Daricia. But Daricia is not a land at peace, and DeSilva finds far greater danger there than the unwanted weddi...
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Kingdom of The Void
The land lies in ruins. Starvation and superstition reign. One good knight will light the ensuing dark age.   Sabra Daishen, the Red Knight of the Rebellion, has gone north to secure the borders against the allies of the defeated Empres...
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Gaes of the Red Witch
While on a diplomatic mission to neghbouring Daricia, a young Silvan envoy is kidnapped and forced to join the harem of the rebel warlord Odacon Karmensis. Raised in militantly religious Silveneir, Sorcha must adjust to now being trained and ...
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Sorcha's Story
The great hero Kam Daishen lies dead; taking his name and armour, a young woman sets out to complete the slain knight's quest. For twenty years, civil war has wracked the Darician Plateau; now the armies of the Empress Kaesa stand poised ...
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The Red Knight

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I'm nothing if not prolific; new titles are added regularly.

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