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To Sandra Bonaldi writing is as natural as breathing and there are times when her characters demand their stories to be told.  Sandra finds that she works best while multi-tasking and welcomes the inevitable challenge that writing sassy romance offers always opting for that happily ever after.


Life is about keeping it real.  While her children are now adults she and her husband, Tom, are now able to pursue their passion for creativity on a broader scale.  Writing has been one of Sandra’s passions but raising a family came first and now her two Rat Terriers Chase and Chelsea have no problem collecting on all the leftover hugs and kisses.


Sometimes we need to be reminded of the simple things – A feel good love story that has you believing that yes, you can come through a horrible ordeal and still believe that happily ever after does exist… 

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Trusting his friend’s instincts Nick Roland knew it was time for a change.  He’d failed in the relationship department.  That soon changed the moment he laid eyes on his pretty neighbor.  Suddenly being the white knight ...
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Midnight Magic

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