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Sandra C Stixrude

Perhaps 5'3" on a good day, Sandra has always found the world an amazing (and often large) place. She's always lived in northern Delaware, travels a good deal and loves every locale she's visited. One son, one husband, two cats, and a day job –the writing keeps her mostly sane. 

She writes Science Fiction, with the Anchorage series currently residing at Mischief Corner Books.

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Current Releases
When things begin to go wrong, they have a habit of going spectacularly wrong, Lord Telluris Marat discovers. Robbed of his visions and his ability to prophesy, he still has his will to fight and his ability to command an army. But the enemy he faces...
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Shadow & Light: Anchorage Book 7
An inhabited planet is not what an interplanetary mining company hopes to find while in search of rare mineral deposits, but the low-tech natives should be won over by a few ‘miracles’, right? Emily Nandi, the mining company’s leg...
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Rediscovery: Anchorage Book 6
Determined to kill his father for his crimes again humanity, Pelinas resolves to live until the Duke of Korval is dead. Beyond a burning desire for revenge, though, he has no solid plan to accomplish what seems impossible. Duke Per leads a massive ar...
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Oracle's Child: Anchorage Book 5
Exiled and disinherited, Pelinas finds refuge with his father's enemies. But his mind holds dangerous secrets locked away, ones he fears he won't unravel before he does immeasurable harm. Starved and ill, Pelinas finds himself at the gates...
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The Enemy Within: Anchorage Book 4
Ancient voices reveal a terrible secret: human scientists created the kresnas, devourers of life and sanity. Not only created, but also used in terrible, torturous experiments, turning them against their creators. Romenel's dilemmas pile up un...
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Obligations of Blood: Anchorage Book 3
Commander Romenel Devar fears nothing--except sleep. Something creeps out of his nightmares and tries to drain the life from him. His search for help will lead him to strange lands, voices from a distant past, and answers he doesn't want. Somethin...
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Voyage into Twilight: Anchorage Book 2
Traveling has always frightened Marya, but when the Ktar chooses her to protect the heir on his confirmation journey, she fights panic. A prophecy concerning the heir's death, ominous dreams of a mysterious city, and news that one of the heir'...
Available Now!
Marya: Anchorage Book 1

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