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Writing wasn't my first passion. First it was horses, then art, then photography. After my husband presented me with a refurbished laptop, I immediately began to craft the stories that had been building in my head for years. I've lived in places from Trinidad to Spain, and visited exotic locales like Algeria and Mexico. I have roots deeply entrenched in Canada, from my father's Acadian family to my mother's Mik'maq, Irish and Scottish ancestry. I hope to draw from these experiences and take you to the places I've been, and the places I wish I'd been.

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Current Releases
Hana, Paige, Connie and Pepper form a bond at Dempster Media, gathering in the break room for tea and toast. Later, they add a new venue - Paige's cabin in the woods. Hana develops an easy friendship with Michael Preston, the ...
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The Toast Bitches
When hockey fan Christina Mackey prevents a murder attempt aimed at her idol Jason Petersen, the hockey scene she'd always worshiped from the outside suddenly surrounds her. She's not sure she wants to be part of that world - too much test...
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Bad Ice

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