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Ever since she first discovered erotic romance, Sandra knew that this what she wanted to write.  More then anything she loves to entertain and does just that through stories that are fun, sexy, passionate and exciting.

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They made the Blood Dance Club sizzle with their game of rivalry and passion. A young boy is accused of murdering several families including his own and Alexandria is on the case. She's going to need all her skills to prove the boys innoc...
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Unhappy with life in her time, Eliza finds herself swept into the past to the year 1769. All too easily she falls into the role of doxy to Pirate James Butler and before she can stop she is in love. In the past she finds a life and world she ...
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Fallen Angel
A vicious vampire cult stalks the night, seducing then butchering young boys on the cusp of adulthood. One lone vampire, Jimmy, may hold the key to revealing their lair; he is the only member to ever get out undead. All Blaise Rickman has to do is...
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Blood Dance Club

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