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Sandra Golden was born in San Jose California and is the oldest of two brothers, and a sister. I attended several high schools but graduated from Gunderson High School. I enjoyed volunteering at school events, was active in cultural exchange club, tutoring, marching band, and drama club, but my true love was writing. After graduating high school I attended San Jose City college for awhile before joining the US Army. I met my husband in the army and when we got out we settled in Memphis Tennessee. In Dec. 1989 I graduated from Memphis State University with a B.A in Education, and one month later on January 4, 1990 my only child James Robert Golden was born. I became a stay at home mother and was very active as a room mother, library volunteer, and cub scout leader.


Sadly on New Years Eve 2008 my son J.R was killed in a motorcycle accident, and in a blink of a eye all the dreams I had for the future died along with him. All except one. The one dream I always carried with in my heart kept me moving forward, kept me from getting lost in my grief. And that was writing and becoming a published Author. I lost myself in writing a story that was full off life, full of action and adventure, full of love and acceptance and discovery and let my son live on in the character of J.R Black. Giving him the life that I always wanted him to live.


Besides writing I love traveling, cooking, gardening, walking, crafts of all kinds. I love animals and have several cats and a male sugar glider named Peanut. The character of Helaina Unity has a pet sugar but hers is a female.

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Once a week I will leave some of the wisdom I have learned through out my life. It might be a quote, like todays, or my blog post of the week. I hope that from these you will learn a little about me, and be interested in reading my series Hidden World. Now for the first post I will leave you with a quote that is something I truely believe.

"Your imagination is the key that opens up your world" Sandra Golden

"Learn to be yourself, before you become someone for others." Sandra Golden

Here is another quote I love to use: "The impossible is possible in  your mind, and in your dreams." by Sandra Golden



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