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Blush sensuality level: This is a sweet romance (kisses only, no sexual content).   Cruelly deceived in love, Sir Philip Levington quits London just before Christmas for his new property, Fairhill Park, near Lyme Regis in Dorset. He a...
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The Fourth Kiss
Regency-set Sabrina is a virgin mermaid with a secret, fleshly passion for Sir Jake Cranwell, the handsome Regency gentleman she has been spying upon from afar. She wants to give herself only to him, heart, soul and body. She dreams of savorin...
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Wanton Little Mermaid
Temple dancer Neferet encounters Egypt’s magnetic new pharaoh, Nikare, and knows that only he can take her virginity. He awakens such sensual and unstoppable desires that she forgets she serves the Great God Amon-Re, and is also soon to marry N...
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Pharaoh's Beloved

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