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Stacy thought her life was over when she found out her husband was having an affair. She wanted to curl up and die. But what she got was a small white business card that could forever change her life...if thats what she wanted.   A new wor...
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Best Served Cold
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t's time to start a new page... Things exploded for Leigh when two men in her world collided. She has done her moping, and she's finally free from her ex. Can she start a fresh page, or will life try to pull her underwater again? - See mor...
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Leigh, Drama Queen in Training: 2.1 - Renewed
Being new to the Club Strigoi world has its benefits...or its dangers. What happens when a girl who always does exactly what she should decides to walk on the wilder side of things for just one night? - See more at:
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Club Strigoi Shots: Chimera
A small collision has Leigh's life turned completely upside down. She's also caught between two men and isn't sure which one is the bigger problem...the guys or the car! Is it cheating if she hasn't technically done anything with o...
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Leigh, Drama Queen in Training - Book Nine: Bittersweet
Lexy had a hard day at work. So tonight she plans on going out and having a good time. What starts off as just a night of unwinding quickly turns into an adventure she wouldn't have thought possible. What would you do on a night out, if yo...
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Club Strigoi Shots: Chameleon
They say the road to Hell is paved with Good Intentions. Leigh tries to be there when one of her best friends needs her. But who could've guessed she'd manage to offend the most sought after male model while ranting on the phone to another...
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Leigh, Drama Queen in Training - Book Eight: A Friend in Need
Lisa is single again. After a horrible breakup with an abusive boyfriend, she finally gets to enjoy a long-overdue girls night out. But what happens when her good time is interrupted by her ex-a man she can't seem to make herself stop cari...
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Club Strigoi Shots: Phoenix
A new love interest in her life, Leigh feels happy. Dating isn't all it's cracked up to be, but she's pretty sure it's worth the effort this time. After all, this is a guy who has seen her at less than the best times. Will Chri...
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Leigh, Drama Queen in Training - Book Seven: Sheep's Clothing
When Alex is called into the office to work for the day, he meets two women that influence his life: Emily – a coworker that he quickly becomes good friends with; and Daphne – an intern whom he lusts after. At the company’s Mardi...
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Everyday Masks
Bunnies and eggs and beads, oh my! When a girl gets busy...and doesn't know what to do or who to do it with, where should she turn? Why to Porn and toys, of course! Who could ask for more?
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Leigh, Drama Queen in Training - Book Six: Porno-Topia
Dani enters Club Strigoi for inspiration for her newest novel. At first she is harassed, but a handsome bouncer comes to her aid. Now that she's been given the go ahead from her editor, she wants to reenter the Club to gain insight on the sett...
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Novel Experience: Club Strigoi Book Two
Lalita loves Hollywood clichés. They allow her the freedom to do practically anything she wants to do. After all, who would ever expect to find a real Vampire living the cliché? Now, the only problem she has is how to sink her teeth int...
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Beneath the Surface: Club Strigoi Book One
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Supper is never an innocent meal. After an embarrassing experience, what can a girl do? Leigh has supper with one of the men who overheard her passionate speech. Has Leigh finally gotten past her bizarre impulse for self-humiliation? ...
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Leigh, Drama Queen in Training - Book Five: Spiderwebs
It started out so promising. A little bit of supper...good conversation...even a few laughs. Then it happens. What's office protocol when you bumble into a date with a colleague without even realizing what was going on?
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Leigh, Drama Queen in Training - Book Three: The Trouble With Co-Workers
Things that make you go Grrrrr. Have you ever just wanted a man who would grab you and fuck you against the wall? Leigh does. And after a few mishaps, she isn't afraid to admit it. But where does one go to find the kind of guy she'...
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Leigh, Drama Queen in Training - Book Four: Alpha Wanted
With thoughts of the incredible sex she had with Kyle on her mind, Leigh allows herself to be convinced to take him up on his offer for help. But when she tries to find him, she's in for a surprise.
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Leigh, Drama Queen in Training - Book Two: Moving On
Recipe for a bad day: Take one text from your ex, add power tools that don’t want to cooperate and a metal window bracket that seems determined to get revenge. Allow it to simmer until it explodes when a sexy neighbor knocks on your door...
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Leigh, Drama Queen in Training - Book One: Starting Over

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