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Sapphire Bloom redefines a genre by creating novel-length erotica, combining it with suspense and delivering not one—but two—novels that have all the bold drama, shocking twists and sexy curves that made pulp fiction famous.

Panties on the Table

The boom gate salutes you on arrival to the US Army Downs Barracks, 11th ACR Blackhorse Regiment. You’ve just entered a military micro-community in Cold War Germany, a condensed American community complete with a PX, NCO Club, and a chapel. Don’t be fooled by appearances, for within the walls of this garrison there is a racketeering scheme brewing at the hands of its most prominent trustees, led by an unscrupulous government contractor.

Sex, politics and bad religion converge in a series of erotic vignettes that are strung together like multiple orgasms. Disrobe the lieutenant colonel, the NCO Club operator and the chaplain; see them for who they really are. One of them, because of his sexual predilections and ulterior motives, will turn to dominatrix Mistress Please for absolution and use her discipline training as a life skill. Strung out on her sex dope, he relies on their sex play as anesthesia for the real life consequences of truth and dare.

The unexpurgated version, Panties on the Table, is high octane while the abridged version, Malfeasance, delivers the same solid story with less explicit language and sex. This pair of books is the ideal offering that allows every reader—kinky or not—to discuss the novel on his/her own terms.

Blood Clot

Sapphire Bloom continues to make a case for human nature in her upcoming sophomore project, Blood Clot, which is already in the works. Edwardian Era classicism blends with West Indian custom and forces Ivory to make a life-or-death decision about her lover's husband.

Readers of Bloom’s other fiction projects have expressed great enthusiasm for her debut in erotica. Look for Panties on the Table and Malfeasance, and let's get it on!

A Note From Sapphire Bloom

Interested in an Advanced Reader Copy (excerpt) to review? Visit this page and shoot me a message.

Sapphire Bloom

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Panties on the Table - book cover

Panties on the Table - book cover

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