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Hi, my name is Sara Curran-Ross aka Arabella Kingsley.  I live in the UK, in the leafy county of Hertfordshire.  I am an author of BDSM Romance involving larger than life loving billionaire heroes who will do anything to protect their beautiful submissive heroines.  Check out my website for free reads of excerpts from my books,


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Isabelle escapes to Paris from her dangerous Mafia boyfriend hell bent on forcing her back in to his bed. His handsome rivals, Lucien Deschanel and Christian Dalban are the only men who can protect her and help her bring him and their own rejected Ma...
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Protecting Isabelle
When Lady Lucinda Whittock refuses to marry the detestable Baron Arkham, her father keeps her prisoner in her room and drugs her in an unsuccessful attempt to make her more amenable to the baron’s advances. Just when she begins to fear all hope...
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Doctor Ashby's Medicine
Amanda moves in to her new luxury home in the sleepy village of Peachum, England determined to start a new life as an independent woman after her divorce.  But the handsome identical male twins Roman and Julian Price living across the street hav...
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Warrior Masters Tameable
The young, handsome and wealthy present day Scottish 14th Duke of Macgrory, Marshal Blackwood falls in love with his European business manager's fragile wife during a two month stay with the couple. He discovers her husband beats her, gambles and...
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Little Princess
Kidnapped & Bound Blurb Buckinghamshire, England, 1812   One moonlit night, Lady Eleanor Gerard finds herself bound, gagged, kidnapped and receiving a firm bare bottom spanking at the hand of her fiancé in his carriage, a...
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Kidnapped & Bound
Clarissa Locket is an English silent movie star starring alongside the likes of Rudolph Valentino himself. When she witnesses a double shooting in a fashionable New York flapper club and finds herself hunted by the Mafia, a man with the devilish good...
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A Dangerous Man

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Kneeling Before Her Knight
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Sabrina has built a new life for herself as a respected historian in the ten years since she woke up in a London hospital badly beaten and with no memory of her identity or her past. When her work takes her to the historic French chateau of a weal...
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Conquering Sabrina
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