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Sarabeth Gordon isn’t one of those authors who began her writing career at the age of seven. Instead, she focused on how the world works, or the field of science, and further narrowed that down to how the body works, or biology. By the time she finished college, she turned her microscope to how cells work when perturbed by pharmaceuticals. Science still fascinates her, and she takes every chance she can to teach her own children and others. 
However, those studies didn’t lead her to be a writer. She points to 2002 as the year that she lost herself in the cacophony of life caused by a newborn and a husband recovering from neurosurgery. When she emerged in 2003, the side of her that enjoyed reading and storytelling came into the light. Through daily writing, classes, conferences, and her local RWA chapter, she found a voice. Through two friends, she found the right story. 
Sarabeth’s first novel, Bloodlust in Big Sky, will be released by Rebel Ink Press. She promises others, because now the stories won’t stop streaming through her head. You can find her on Twitter as SarabethG, on Facebook (where she lets her inner geek fly), on Google+, and on her website, The Previously Unnamed Novel

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