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Moonlighting as an apprentice soul collector isn't simple. There's magic involved. Oh, and Jack discovers that getting to know his client adds an extra dimension to even the hottest sex he's ever enjoyed.
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Soul Debt: Demon Apprentice
When Jack made a deal with the devil, he didn't read the fine print closely enough. It was not "Payment: one soul," but "Payments," lots of payments. Jack doesn't know what will happen when the last tattered shred of his s...
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Soul Debt: Terms of Payment
Tansy lives alone, splitting her time between work and her favorite bar, until the night a gorgeous stranger greets her with, "Quick, pretend you're my lover for a minute!" That kiss will take her to Heaven literally and figuratively...
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Justice Served Hot
Neola is never quite sure who her lover will be the next time she sees him, but she always knows the sex will sizzle -- whether he's man or wolf! In the three years they've been together, she's gone from being afraid of predators to be...
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Running Mate
Miriam Van Vorce, traveling with her older sister to a new life on a Caribbean island, makes the trade of a lifetime when her ship is looted and burned by pirates: she gives her own virtue in exchange for her sister’s safe delivery to her be...
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Pirates Treasure

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