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I am Sarah Baethge. I was born in Houston in 1982, and grew up in Texas and Louisiana. I was an intern for Lockheed-Martin fresh out of high school I graduated with a national merit scholarship in 2000. I got to work on the software of computers at NASA in Houston in the summer before I headed to college in Dallas.

In November of 2000 when I was driving to school, I was in a car wreck that left me in a coma for 6 months. After waking, I began writing and self-publishing short fantasy and science-fiction stories, starting with the original The Speed of Darkness book. Soon after I had it out I greatly expanded the story in my notes. I took the book down from Amazon and Smashwords because it begins a bit abruptly, and I thought I could improve it with a prequel or two.

I do have two paperbacks on Amazon along with a short piece of my Speed of Darkness series as an ebook. As I have spent more time on writing my own worlds than acting as a bookseller, and they have never gained much notice. I did get a vampire poem I wrote called ‘And I Was Hungry’ published in an online magazine called What the Dickens in March of 2014.

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Current Releases
Ronald Carpenter (the narrator) is a zookeeper that gets help from a company called The Eclipse when he needs to recapture some escaped animals. The company takes a shine to him and lures him into working for them. They are keeping a zoo of animals t...
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The Illumination Query (The Speed of Darkness, book 1)

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And I Was Hungry
This is the short story that happent partway through my Speed of Darkness series.
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If You Believe in Love at First Sight
If you could magically change yourself to fight vampires, would you? If you were forced into becoming a vampire, could you live with your own bloodlust? And if you actually admired vampires, how would you deal with them attacking your friends? ...
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Radiant Shadows
A riveting page turner about a bored assistant's struggle to withdraw from her own self-importance as she finds herself observing unbelievable events.
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The Illumination Query

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