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You'd think that what with me being an author and all, I'd be able to come up with something witty to put here. Not bloody likely. Writing bios is stupidly stressful, so screw it. You get the Cliff Notes version.

I'm an author, an editor, and a cover artist. I like animals and the paranormal. If I was a braver person, I'd try urban exploration, but because I'm not, I indulge in my curiosity online. I get distracted easily and I've been known to cry at long distance commericals.

Visit my website for more information. I promise I'm a lot more interesting than this bio lets on. Still waters run deep, as they say. (Still waters are also usually stagnant and teeming with mosquitoes, but let's ignore that fact, shall we?)

Current Releases
Julia is sexy, stylish and sophisticated. But her perfectly designed life has one serious downside. Her only romance comes from the gay men for whom she acts as a beard. Hurt too many times, Julia has given up on love. But love hasn’t given ...
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Romancing the Beard
The link between Heaven and Hell is nothing less than a soul. Fleeting…fragile…easily corrupted. And the thing that goes bump in the night is nothing more than a heart, pounding out songs of desire, obsession, and fear. To My Dem...
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To My Demons: An Exercise in Exorcism
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A child can’t chose its mother, but maybe a mother can chose her child. Rebecca Dolores Kingsley, better known as Dot, is a precocious young girl with a lot to say. Despite the bleak Catholic orphanage where she resides, the indiff...
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My Sanctuary

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