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Loving your best friend is easy. Telling him you do…well, that’s the hard part. Michael and Steven grew up together—just them, no girls allowed. They’d always planned to join the military, but when it came time to sign up,...
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Live for the Day
Oliver and Langham take a much needed break to get away from crime—but it follows them, ensuring they’re pulled into another murder case. Oliver and Langham take two weeks off so they can rest after a string of murder cases has left ...
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Vincent needs to come to terms with all that has passed to finally shirk the demons and live in peace with Julian. With the death of Julian’s father weighing heavy on his mind, Vincent vows to sift through his feelings and force himself to l...
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Vincent: Part Five
This is book three in the Voices series, see the full series listing here With a serial killer on the loose, Langham and Oliver have their work cut out finding him before he kills again… Detective Langham has had a case on his desk for...
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This is book five in the Vincent serial, see the full serial listing here   Vincent needs to come to terms with all that has passed to finally shirk the demons and live in peace with Julian. With the death of Julian’s father weigh...
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Vincent ; part five
Julian busies himself with the reopening of Devil’s Spawn, but Vincent cannot let go of the past—or more specifically, the past will not let go of him. With the reopening of Devil’s Spawn upon them, Julian and Vincent have much to ...
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Vincent: Part Four
Sometimes Fate can be a bitch and take away everything you hold dear, but sometimes she finds it in her heart to give something back… Ten years after Charlie’s death, Ben still hasn’t faced the fact his first love is gone. Una...
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Cabin Fever
Vincent and Julian settle down to life on land, but fate has tragedy in store for them once more. Vincent and Julian have lived on land since their last voyage on Le Frai De Demon. During a special party at Julian’s gay club, the new ship&...
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Vincent: Part Three
Book Two in the Vincent series. Life at sea brings new experiences to Vincent, but tragedy eclipses the happiness in his heart. As Le Frai De Demon coasts the ocean waves, Vincent and Julian continue their love affair. Upon arriving at Hel...
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Vincent Part Two
Book Two in the Voices series. Oliver and Langham need to discover why over twenty gay men are abducting then killing other gay men in a weird ritual… Oliver and Langham have the huge task of finding more than twenty men who have co...
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Book One in the Vincent series. Part One — FREE Vincent has missed Julian for two years, but now The Master is on his way back… After an altercation with Vincent, Julian leaves the ton as captain of Le Frai de Démo...
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Vincent Part One
Book One in the Voices series. Getting calls from the dead in the middle of the night isn’t Oliver’s idea of fun… Oliver gets calls from the dead, imploring him to help them find their killers. He’s heard them sinc...
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Part One in the Blinded Serial. Part one—FREE! Lee still lives at home with his domineering mother, who makes it quite clear she’s anti-gay… Since Lee’s father left the marital home, Lee’s mother has pu...
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Blinded: Part One
Part Two in the Blinded Serial. Decisions reached, Lee and Ryan decide to become a permanent couple—and face the future together. Lee settles into life in his new home, missing Ryan but needing the time away to ensure his feelings f...
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Blined: Part Two
Sometimes you have to suffer in order to make the one you love happy… Steve eavesdrops on a phone conversation—and his whole world crashes around him. He hears something he’d never wanted to hear and knows his lover, Christo...
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Book one in The Dreaming Series One cop. One killer. Both dreamwalkers. Not every dream should see the light of day... Three very different people have one thing in common-a dreamscape steeped in horror. Barry has had dreams of violent de...
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