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Sarah Storme grew up in New Orleans, the city of music, fun, and food.  After a year of college, she dropped out and ran off to Alaska to enjoy a taste of the Wild West pipeline days. Three years later, tired of working for minimum wage, Sarah returned to the Lower 48 and earned a Master's degree in engineering from the University of Texas at Austin.

As a civil engineer for the government, she spends a lot of time traveling, and was even sent to Siberia for a brief assignment.  Sarah and her husband have lived all over the United States from Louisiana to Alaska.   While moving around, she stumbled onto the joy of her life--writing.  Sarah writes spicy romance as Sarah Storme, and mystery as S. H. Baker.

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Current Releases
Jeremy Holden is an artist, consumed by his creative need for Lizabeth Erskine-Smythe, his unsuspecting vision.  Near-obsession drives his passion to carve her image, to capture every delicate nuance, with the softest stroke.  But it won't ...
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Carved in Stone
Diana Duncan left New York and a successful business to find a safe place to raise her daughter. She hopes Hillton, Texas will be that haven, but the house she inherited needs more work than she realized. Thad Crowley has returned to Hillton to care...
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Strength of a Promise
Amy Van Buren, a single parent, has moved from Boston to Destin, Texas, with her fifteen-year-old son, Alex. After a nightmare marriage and years of scraping by, she hopes to start a new life in the small town. At least she won't need two jobs to aff...
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One Texan's Enough
Sam Calvert is the only veterinarian within a hundred miles of Rocky Butte, Colorado. He doesn't have time to get involved with anyone, but when a stranger appears at the local restaurant, he can't let her walk out into the night alone. She isn't dre...
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The Long Way Home
Jackie Cook is no stranger to trouble, but when she flees for her life to Spencer's Springs, Colorado, she discovers trouble can have many forms...and not all of them are bad.
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Tough Enough
Book Two in the Hearts of Marshall's Bayou series. Mahalia Strickler is ready to see the world. Modern all the way, she drinks and smokes, loves to dance, and has fought for the right to vote. When she returns home to Marshall's Bayou in 1920, she d...
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Bayou Rhapsody (Hearts of Marshall's Bayou Book Two)
Book One in the Hearts of Marshall's Bayou series In Marshall's Bayou in 1918, a drought is drying up wells and weakening cattle. But no matter how bad things get, Alberta Strickler will never leave her home in southwest Louisiana again. More import...
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Just Kiss Me (Hearts of Marshall's Bayou Book One)

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