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Sarina Wilde is a multi-published erotic romance author who firmly believes love is a matter of heart not gender. She lives in central North Carolina with her husband, son and an array of pets that range from a lizard to horses. 

When she’s not reading or writing, you’ll find her with a camera and her favorite subjects – her pets and people.

Current Releases
Harmonie Smith knows Ben’s reputation. He likes playing the field, and he’s willing to play with men and women as long as no one takes it seriously. That’s just fine with her. Harmonie wants to be more adventurous in bed, and Ben ma...
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Perfect Harmonie
It was only supposed to be kinky sex with no strings attached. Then Carly discovers her one night stand from a computer conference is none other than the new principal at the school where she works. Nat’s trying to get the new school year...
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Lana, a personal trainer, has finally broken up with Graham, the scumbag accountant she’d been dating for two years. She turns to her hot neighbors, Austin the cop and Drew the photographer, for sympathy, as they have become her best friends ...
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Cuffed and Stuffed
Greer wants a job that lasts more than a few months. Working as a housekeeper and nanny should be a no-brainer. Should be. Her first surprise is the two sexy guys hiring her. The second is discovering that Liam and Chas share a bed and wouldn’...
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Bare Bottom Girl
Bringing another guy into the bedroom was supposed to spice up Kevin and Jill’s married life. But when Jill insists their third should be someone they don’t know, Kevin’s concerned. His police detective mentality doesn’t wa...
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Spare Dick
Outdoorsman Taz Harris can't imagine life in a stuffy office, but times are hard and his family's hunting and fishing business is on the line. That's why the week he'll serve as entrepreneur Ridge Pender's fishing guide has to ...
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Hook, Line and Sinker
Allie Franklin’s on a flight to interview for the job that could skyrocket her career. The last thing she expects is to meet the man of her dreams. Now he’s sitting in the seat next to her and she knows it’s an opportunity she can&r...
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