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Scarlett Knight is a Texas native who enjoys being creative in a number of ways besides writing, including taking amateur nature photos with her iPhone at nearby parks, listening to movie soundtracks while coloring in her adult coloring books, and happily wandering around the local Dallas/Fort Worth art museums. She also has a passion for de-cluttering and organizing, which her friends and family often take advantage of. She loves to travel, both around Texas and also to far away cities and countries for new adventures. A shameless foodie, she spends her weekends wining and dining at her favorite restaurants and delights in discovering new places to eat. Last but not least, she is the proud mom to a senior dachshund, which will always and forever be her special fur-baby.

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Current Releases
Passionate, thrilling, emotional, the experience of losing virginity is an unforgettable one. Come witness the pulse-pounding initiation of two different women as they experience their first time in these two erotic shorts. Join one young bride as...
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Ready to Trust
Experience the passion that ignites when handsome older men connect with young beautiful women. This steamy collection of four erotic short stories includes the kind of sexy encounters that only a blending of experience and youth can bring. Read h...
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The Emerald Room
Reigniting the fiery flame of past love, the couples in these two short stories discover the unbridled power of rekindled lust. Read the tale of how two lovers reunite after a lifetime of separation, only to find their feelings for one another hav...
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Art and Soul
  Risky, sexy, exciting, these two sensual stories of sex in public will make your heart race with the danger of it all. Join one couple as they celebrate their two-year anniversary by exploring the erotic thrills of spontaneous sex in a ...
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Dirty Poetry

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The Good-show GIft

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