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First book in the sizzling Mission Pleasure series… Ruby has a secret. Beneath her prissy exterior lies a submissive in desperate need of a Master. After her past disastrous attempt at exploring her fantasies, she buried her cravings deep a...
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Claiming Ruby
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Mia is a respected psychologist with the Company—an interplanetary conglomerate—and a master at using virtual technology to penetrate the criminal mind. No one knows about her sex-slave past, or about the dark desires she tries to igno...
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Darkness Comes
Wicked Game is the stand-alone sequelto At Their Command.   Ruth wantssomething wicked. Something a nice girl would never wish for—to be taken, tiedup and forced into pleasure. Hands bound, mouth gagged, blindfolded—she wa...
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Wicked Game
Group sex is decadent, a forbidden fruit, a social taboo. Cameron knows her lover Vince has experimented in the past but she’s never had the courage to indulge her most secret desires. Until now. Consumed by the idea of having sex with m...
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Fourth Time’s a Charm
For centuries, Kyrian has searched for Allegra Augusta. She isn’t just the vampire who made him immortal—she’s his love, his life, his mate. He’ll stop at nothing to find her again, to claim her for his own.   ...
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Owned by the Night
All Hope wants for Christmas is Ethan St. Claire. She’s had a thing for him since high school, when he was the bad boy and she was the class geek. Now she’s older, wiser…and dying of sexual frustration. Fantasies of having Ethan...
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At Their Command
Tessa fantasizes about being tied up and tantalized with pleasure. She longs for a man to take control, to drive her wild with lust. But she’s never been able to let go and indulge in her most taboo desires.   The second Jared s...
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