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S.L. Carpenter is a born and raised California man. He does both writing and cover art for novels as outlets for his overactive libido and twisted mind. His inspiration is his wife, who keeps him well trained.

Writing is my true joy. It gives me freedom and expression for both the sensual and humorous sides. There's nothing better than hearing that I have touched someone's mind with a laugh or put them in the mood to jump their significant other.

The book covers show my artistic impressions of stories from all the great authors he works with. I love doing art and appreciate all forms. I tend to spend hours admiring artistic photographs. I can't lie, I love the female form.

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Current Releases
  When a woman’s romantic past is not what she’d call successful, it’s easy to understand her reluctance to make yet another try at a relationship. This time, Rachel Franklin is keeping it simple. She doesn’t know ...
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Full Service

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So Into You
  Rose Jackson is giving herself an indulgent treat, but it’s not a day at the spa. This treat involves a remote hideaway and a night of sensual pleasure with a man who enjoys making women smile. Rose’s bodyguard Mel Kent ...
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Hired Help
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She's about to say "I do", and like any bride-to-be, Pam has a serious case of the pre-wedding jitters. They're bad enough to send her fleeing away from Rob, her future husband, and on the road to the one place she knows she can ...
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Remember When
Redefining room service… The Zephyre Corporation’s annual convention may be designed to let colleagues kick back in the Florida sun, but Riley McGuire doesn’t plan to let anything interfere with her chance to shine for corp...
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Two short contemporary stories from S.L. Carpenter and Sahara Kelly, the bad kids of erotic romance! Never before published, these two little tales will entertain, enthrall, inflame -- yes, they come with a spew alert and a caution to have iced wa...
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  “Picture a coffee klatch of fairytale princesses sitting around on a slow afternoon, discussing what really happens in that period euphemistically referred to as “happily ever after.” In PRINCESSE...
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Princess' Gone Wild
In a world where everything’s for sale, some things simply can’t be bought. A Tahoe Nights story. Janice hadn’t planned to take her long-awaited getaway alone, but when a girl catches her boyfriend with his pants around...
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Need You Now
  She’s a rock star, he’s not. That doesn’t stop them from making beautiful music… The lights, the crowds, the shows—the success that comes with topping the rock charts seems bright and glittering. For A...
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Naked Lust
  He lost his inspiration but found his muse in the Caribbean…in the arms of a woman. It’s a slow death for a writer when the only key getting used on his keyboard is “Delete”. His writer’s block is firm...
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