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Sean Davison

Even for a writer, the hardest thing to write about is yourself. I can write chapters and chapters about somebody else entirely, someone who isn't even real, but when it comes to myself? Even by typing these words I find myself putting it off.

So then, what to say? Where to begin? At the time of writing I am 28 years old, pushing fairly close to 29, and I live in Derby in the Midlands with my housemate right smack-bang in the middle of suburbia. In my day job I work with electricity, but at night (late at night more often than not) I sit at my desk in my bedroom and I write, write, and write. This has pretty much been the arrangement for the last ten years or so, maybe longer.

Originally from Sheffield, I studied English Literature at college which is where I developed a love for characters. I remember reading Othello one term, and when I say reading, I mean we more-or-less acted the whole thing out, each of us playing a part. I played Iago, the machiavellian villian, perhaps one of the first of his kind. Growing up in the age of cheap television and action movies, I was used to my bad guys blowing things up and trying to overcome our heroes by use of force. But then I met Iago, a cunning mastermind who uses the power of suggestion and manipulation to get what he wants. The title of the play may well be named after the hero, but Iago was a far more fascinating character to me.  

At 18 I made the big move to Derby to study Creative Writing and Film/Television. I got a 2:1 after three years and honed my craft.

The past few years has been a balancing act between developing my career as both a writer and in my day job, I'm sure all aspiring writers can relate. After a few failed attempts to start on a novel, in November 2012 I sat down and just started typing, and this time I didn't stop. It took a whole year, but I finally finished my first novel, Mouth, and it was the best feeling. It took another few months of editing to get things just right, and now it is ready to go. And now, with another book possibly in the works, the balancing act starts all over again, but I wouldn't give it up for anything.

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A tale of guilt and redemption, Elijah Goodman is a London investment banker who has survivor guilt after escaping a bus crash. Caught between two women, the love of his life who has walked away, and a pretty young girl Elijah saved from the crash, h...
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