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Sean Munger is a historian, teacher, author and podcaster. In addition to his history podcast "Second Decade" (available to listen for free on iTunes), he is probably most well-known for his "historical horror" novels. He has two new works out in fall 2016, The Valley Of Forever and the story collection Hotel Himalaya: Three Travel Romances. His horror novels, released by Samhain Publishing, include The Rats of Midnight (2015), Doppelgänger (2015), Zombie Rebellion (2014) and Zombies of Byzantium (2013). 

Sean is also the author of the science fiction novels of "The Giamotti Trilogy," which include Life Without Giamotti (2006), All Giamotti's Children (2008) and Giamotti in Winter (2009). His other books include Romantic, Memoirs of a Great Liner (2005) and Beowulf is Boring (2010).

Two of his other story collections, The Antimeridian and President in the Bathroom, are available for free on Amazon Kindle.

Sean's action/adventure serial The Armored Satchel, a World War II spy adventure, ran on JukePopSerials from March 2013 to March 2014.

Sean has also written for various heavy metal music publications, including Painkiller Magazine, the largest heavy music magazine in China.

He lives in Oregon.

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Current Releases
Trapped aboard a burning cruise ship, Jerusha King makes a fatal leap into the sea with a baby in her arms. But what seems like the end of her story is only the beginning. Five minutes before the fire begins, Jerusha’s lover Dale tells her that...
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The Valley of Forever
Hotel Himalaya: Three Travel Romances is a collection of tales about emotional connections between strangers who meet far from home. Each story contains a search, a loss, a love and an epiphany. "Hotel Himalaya" begins with a chance enco...
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Hotel Himalaya: Three Travel Romances

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