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Selena Cooper lives in the southern United States and loves to hear from readers. Visit her on Facebook at, check out her Pinterest boards at, or her website 

A Note From Selena Cooper


I hope you'll enjoy my series, The Fontaines. When I was growing up, I loved Hart to Hart. That couple was beautiful and glamorous, and they had such an exciting life. To a little girl who lived in the boonies, they were the best! I so wanted to be like Jennifer Hart.

With LEI ME DOWN, I introduce you to newlyweds Brandy and Luke. Luke came from money, but Brandy grew up in a blue-collar family. He is an entrepreneur and the CEO of Fontaine Enterprises. Brandy is a freelance journalist. They're enjoying their honeymoon and don't have much more on their minds than exploring each other's bodies. Then they discover a DEAD body and find themselves in the middle of a murder investigation.

LEI ME DOWN is the first of many adventures for the Fontaines. I hope you'll come to know and care about them.

Hugs and kisses,



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Visit Selena on Facebook, check out her Pinterest boards, or her website

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