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Senta Holland lives and loves in the shadows, in a world of BDSM from the inside out. Her passion has to be lived in secret. If the shadows don't lift, you will never meet her and the only way to get to know Senta is through her book. Open the pages, and she will lead you deep inside her beloved darkness. But maybe you have met Senta already. Maybe you hear her soft voice in your dreams, maybe she is sitting right next to you on the Underground. And maybe you, yourself, are Senta in the shadows.

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HarperCollins Blurb for 'Out of the Shadows and Into the Darkness':   Summary: BDSM ‘from the inside out’. The 21st century equivalent to classics like ‘History of O’ or ‘Emmanuelle’, it...
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Out of the Shadows and into the Darkness

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