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Traveling through the wilds of the Sinai Peninsula, the teeming city of Cairo, and along the exotic banks of the Nile, Julie and Tor can’t seem to get enough of each other before they head home to their separate lives. But they have to recon...
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Julie never thought her casual encounter with Tor would turn into anything but a distant memory. But when he tracks her down in the deserts of Wadi Rum, she finds the balance of power shifts in her favor. Tor just wanted a holiday—not anothe...
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On the run from failed relationships, a Canadian and a Dane meet deep in the desert of Syria. But what was meant to be a one-night stand leaves Julie and Torval reeling with the force of their connection. Each is compelled to track the other through ...
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  Joanna finally gets her French lover—and marries him, too—but relocating to a foreign country proves harder than she thought. So does getting pregnant, when a new stepson, accidents and a haunted house conspire against her h...
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Gift of the Black Virgin
Separated by each other’s silence, half a world apart, they both search for solace through travel, and in other lovers. But the Black Virgin won’t rest until she sees Jo and Luc reunite.
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Revenge of the Black Virgin
  Joanna Clifford just can’t say yes to a proposal of marriage from one of Seattle’s most desirable bachelors. And she doesn’t really know why. After running off to do some soul-searching, she finds herself traveling wit...
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Cult of the Black Virgin
  Seattle student nurse Jackie Forrest knows she doesn’t have much experience with the opposite sex. So she’s not sure how to respond when the sophisticated new man in her life claims he just wants to be friends. Against her b...
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Just Desserts

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