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Serena Zane lives with her husband and son in the Northwest. She works hard, plays hard, and spends her free time studying the Middle Ages in a re-creationist organization called the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc (SCA); and writing her novels.

Serena started writing at an early age with short stories, and poetry inspired by her mother, a strong independent woman who loves to help others, and writes as well. In 2009, Serena became a member of Romance Writer’s of America. She fell in love with the idea of writing a contemporary action/adventure romance while she attended college to study Criminal Justice. After months of working on homework assignments late at night that made her want to turn on every light in the house, she combined both her knowledge of Criminal Justice and her love for all things paranormal.

Serena has written several Paranormal Romance stories that have been published in eBook form through Books To Go Now; and her new Jewel series based on an anti-terrorist organization called F.I.U.W. through SZ Publications are currently available online and in print. She is looking forward to writing many more exciting adventures.

To check out what Serena is up to via Twitter friend her @serenazane or check out her website:


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A Note From Serena Zane

Greetings Readers,

There is nothing quite like a good book to snuggle up to, or scare the crap out of you. As with most authors, I love to write. I also love to hear back from my readers. So, shoot me a comment or review. Have a great time reading!


Serena Zane

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Current Releases

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Mortal Ice
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Strife has found the Pack in Boston. A young woman is murdered in an abandoned warehouse. and three other girls are missing . Detective Nikki Adams gets a whiff of something off about the whole case as she struggles to find the killer before more ...
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Being an undercover agent for the FBI wasn’t all glitz and glamour. Ruby McNiell has been immersed in the Russian underground for so long she almost couldn’t remember where the line lay between right and wrong. The Russian’...
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Ruby Red
Feisty Special Ops Agent Cindy Hawke scrambles to the Pacific Northwest to recover critical intel from a fallen spy satellite, but she's too late. An international terrorist group has gotten there first, and now the fate of the world rests on ...
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Crystal Clear
Detective Nikki Adams has a problem on her hands. An anonymous tip in the middle of the night leads Nikki to yet another of the mysterious crime scenes that have been found at the historical churches littering the Freedom Trail in Boston. Someone ...
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A Cross to Bare
  There are things in this world that sometimes are better left unexplained. Ami Sherridon is a skeptic, but she enjoys a good role playing game now and then, not to mention a great paranormal read.  The Fes...
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Special Agent Lucy Montgomery’s twin brother is missing, an art thief is on the loose, and her hormones are on full tilt with the sudden appearance of Agent Kevin Garrett, her ex-teammate, and the man she’s nicknamed the Ice King. Toge...
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Dark Diamonds
Sonja's marriage has fallen apart, but she still wants to believe there is someone out there for her.  Seeking something more she heads off to a medieval fair to spend two weeks separated from the world.  Sonja finds much m...
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Follow the Heart
A violent battle ends in tragedy, and Chloe Wills finds herself alone in a world full of violence. Saved by a man she believes to be an angel, Chloe struggles to find balance with the new powers she has inherited, and the anger that rages ins...
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Bite Me
It’s winter in Boston and the animals have come out to play. When two men are found dead mauled to death in an alley Detective Nikki Adams knows that something unusual is going on. Faced with a reality unlike any she’s ever known Nikki...
Available Now!
Snow Beast
When you have dreams of escaping your own life, you might wish for anything. It’s Christmas Eve, and Detective Stephanie Wills wants nothing more than someone who will love her, in spite of her family. Making a New Year’s Resolution li...
Available Now!
The Christmas Present

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