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Shape shifters Chiara and Aros are lovers and soul mates. Aros is a powerful werewolf while Chiara is a beautiful and potent were-lynx. Mid-Winter has come and the two lovers, together in the forest, are distracted when rapacious men surround them in...
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Love Hunters
Juno thought she would be leaving all the troubles of her love life behind when she fled California to pursue a new life as a schoolteacher in rural America. However, her sensuous and temperamental nature does not fit well in this conservative enviro...
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The Abduction
Olivia is an aspiring Asian American actress. When she goes to an audiion, she is startled when the director, unseen in the dark auditorium but with a sexy French accent, asks her to disrobe. Later, though, she can't stop thinking about him. Od...
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French Kiss
Sometimes, pain can lead to pleasure and delight. Krista, an attractive, single African-American woman, is disgusted with herself when a fall from a horse, at her very first lesson, leaves her with disabling back pain. Afraid to overdo medication ...
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Hurts So Good
A frigid wilderness. A blazing encounter. In the frigid wilderness of Northern Canada, Carol treks through the snow, desperate to escape her violent and obsessed husband, Dugan. Unprepared for the harsh conditions, she soon finds herself trapped i...
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White Heat
Morgan Love is one of the few African American yoga instructors in town. After her studies in India with the legendary Swami Monda, students flock to her classes. But without her own studio, money remains tight, and her personal life is a wreck after...
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Love Yoga

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