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My passion began about fourteen years ago, where I found myself lost in the sensual world of romance novels.  Having always had a love for fiction stories and a natural romantic at heart - romance novels proved a quick read with the warm-fuzzy happily ever after I longed for.

Shada's stories range from contemporary to historical, come with unusual paranormal hints, but they all carry the same, passionate romance.

Shada Royce lives in Central Arkansas with her husband, two year old daughter and their two Pomeraninans.  When she isn't playing professional, mom, or wife - Shada spends her time writing and honing her craft.

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Gavin Saxton, the residing Earl of Brockington, is guilty - first of sleeping with another man’s wife and then causing the death of her husband. After spending the last three years in the British Army with his best friend, Edward Noble, the Duk...
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Always Tomorrow

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